Our maintenance program

Products designed to properly maintain all your floor coverings.

The RXFloor + Solution is a specialized cleaner for RXFloor +
as well as for all vinyl, ceramic, porcelain and many other surfaces. Biodegradable to 100% and environmentally friendly. It contains no solvents and leaves no film or residue. The only cleaner that does not generate any foam and does not affect the appearance of the floors thanks to its encapsulation power.

Spray :
Pour 1/3 of the RxFloor + solution for 2/3 of water.

Spray and leave for one minute and wipe with a wet mop.

Mop handle designed to hold firmly our micro-fiber mops.

Lightweight and easy to handle.

Mop in micro fiber straps. Absorbent, it is perfect to clean your floor in one single shot.

Machine washable.

Maintenance recommendation

Gerflor maintenance instruction

Maintenance recomandation

Some accessories

Under chair legs in felt designed to help your chairs, tables or other furniture to easily slide on your floors while protecting them.

Custom-made transparent plexiglass chairs cut according to your requests and fitting perfectly.